Truckers Can Benefit from the SHIP IT Act


Truckers Can Benefit from the SHIP IT Act

While there are numerous changes taking place as the new year progresses, there are still not enough truck drivers to meet the demand.

Filling the driver shortage is the top priority since it is crucial to the efficient operation of supply chains to hire additional drivers. There have been initiatives to calm driver worries and improve the appeal of trucking. Recent reports suggest that the SHIP IT Act will provide truck drivers with improved and safer parking, financial aid, and other benefits.


What is the SHIP IT Act and why is it important for truckers?

Delivering cargoes to their destinations is the main responsibility of a truck driver, regardless of changes in equipment, surroundings, or working conditions. With the rise of technology and the sporadic appearance of new laws and regulations, changes throughout the years have made it challenging for truckers to operate their businesses efficiently.


Experienced drivers now have to contend with the need for a more sustainable future and fewer privileges, which removes a crucial aspect of being a truck driver. With few parking spaces available and congested truck stops, it is more challenging to argue over whose calendars are posted in truck cabins. Jim Costa and Dusty Johnson, members of Congress, present a measure that will address a variety of issues affecting truck drivers. The “Safer Highway and Increased Performance for Interstate Trucking Act” (SHIP IT Act) prioritizes financial aid for drivers and those pursuing driver’s education, as well as enhancing parking and safety, among other things.


How Can Truck Drivers Profit from the SHIP IT Act?

Finance Assistance for Training New Truck Drivers


You need to first complete the training in order to be a skilled driver. The bill suggests providing assistance to new drivers during the CDL and training processes since there is a continual need for truck drivers. Prospective future drivers will be encouraged if it is made simpler for entry-level drivers to fulfill the training and licensing requirements. The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act is intended to be expanded to include truck drivers. Recent transportation reforms to enhance training were implemented last year. This year, the law would keep assisting new drivers in receiving financial aid for training expenses such as tuition, license fees, supplies, and completion costs.


Truck drivers will benefit from tax credits

The SHIP IT Act also suggests giving commercial truck drivers certain tax breaks. If the requirements are completed, the measure will allow drivers to obtain tax credits worth up to $10,000. The amount of tax credit a driver is eligible for depends on their gross income, on-duty time, driving time, and other elements. Moreover, a planned inflation adjustment allows drivers to submit two claims. In accordance with the cost of living, an adjustment for inflation would boost the overall tax credit amount. The tax credit can be claimed by beginning drivers enrolled in authorized apprenticeship programs.


Truck Parking Benefits from SHIP IT Act

For truckers, finding appropriate parking is becoming more of a challenge. A funding proposal to enhance and expand parking for business cars is also part of the SHIP IT Act. The awards would enable eligible organizations to get cash for initiatives that would increase and improve parking for truckers. Finding a close-by, secure truck stop along the highway is the greatest option for parking, but because of the limited supply, slots fill up rapidly, forcing truckers to search for other options. Priority will be given to increasing parking options at currently operating rest areas and travel plazas as well as in lots close by. Increasing parking and enabling truck parking in these regions will greatly assist drivers as many rest sites only have space for normal automobiles.