Summer driving best tips for truckers

summer driving

Summer driving can be really tricky, continue reading to get some summer driving tips.

Summer driving is quickly approaching! Already, temperatures have broken records, and if our weather forecasters are to be believed, we have a few hot months ahead of us.  That’s all nice and fine, but how does that affect truckers? – you might wonder if you’re new to the industry.   Don’t truckers stay in the air-conditioned trucks all day?

That is generally true for long-haul truckers, but they must still take safeguards against hot weather. This is especially critical for short-haul and delivery drivers, who spend much more time outside of their trucks, frequently loading and unloading cargo in the sun.

Very hot summer days are no game, and whether you’re a long-haul or short-haul driver, it’s always a smart idea to think ahead and prepare for the heat. Here are a few suggestions for being safe throughout the summer driving:


Understand how extreme heat might affect your rig.

Professional truck drivers must examine their brakes and tires on a regular basis, regardless of the weather forecast. This is especially crucial during excessive heat, which can cause brakes and tires to erode more quickly. Keep an eye on your rig’s upkeep.


Apply sunscreen

Do you really want to look half-baked? If you don’t apply sunscreen, the sun will burn part of your head and one arm.

You’re not immune to sunburn produced by sunlight beaming through your driver’s window only because you spend a lot of time within the truck. For further protection, wear sunglasses, hats, and long-sleeved clothes.



It’s easy to overlook something as simple as staying hydrated on a hectic day. Let’s say you have a few stops to make and only have limited time in the day to do so. You could forget to drink the water you brought along. No harm, no foul over the wintertime. However, on a hot summer day when sweat is pouring, adequate hydration is essential.

Is it necessary to spend additional money on sugary sports beverages? Certainly not. Freshwater, or simply ordinary tap water, will suffice. On a hot, humid day, though, skipping hydration will be noticeable.


Keep an eye out for tourist drivers

Summer is a popular season for Americans to travel to see friends and family and take a holiday in a warm climate. Truck drivers must thus pay additional attention to passenger cars, particularly those with out-of-state registration plates. When driving in a new country, the chance of an accident rises, and truck drivers must remain vigilant at all times.


Pay attention to the weather forecast.

During the summer driving, certain states experience extreme weather. Thunder and rainstorms may strike in an instant, making summer driving extremely dangerous. Don’t be taken off guard by checking the weather before heading out.


Take Breaks Frequently

Summer driving makes you want to get out of there as quickly as possible.  But, if you do not take frequent rests as a driver, your attention will decrease. When this happens, the chances of an accident caused by weariness rise.

The challenge is to schedule a brief break on long voyages. Sometimes all you really need to retain excellent alertness is to stop and take a short walk.


Be careful with air conditioning


It is a crucial element for every driver during the summer, but it should be used with caution since moving from 70 degrees within the cab to 100 degrees outdoors might be dangerous to your health. Maintain a comfortable inside temperature and switch off the vehicle air conditioning just a few minutes before stepping outside.