What happens if you fail DOT physical exam?

DOT physical exam

What happens if you fail the DOT physical exam?

You must get and maintain a medical examiner’s certification in order to maintain your CDL. This normally implies that you must have a physical exam for the Department of Transportation – DOT Physical every 2 years. Your commercial driver’s license can be converted to a conventional driver’s license and you might lose your ability to operate commercial motor vehicles if you fail the DOT physical for any reason.


Is a second opinion possible for the DOT physical?


Occasionally, a medical condition that leads a doctor to deny a truck driver for their DOT physical test is an evident necessity because the driver may endanger themselves or other drivers if they handle a commercial motor vehicle. However, it isn’t always the case. In certain situations, the doctor must apply their professional judgment because the situation isn’t as clear-cut. Your doctor could deny your DOT physical, for instance, if your blood pressure is about to spike.

However, if you can adjust your diet or habits and get re-evaluated, you can receive a passing mark from a new doctor. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) permits you to obtain a second opinion for your DOT physical in these circumstances, provided that you are truthful about your health information and do not attempt to deceive the doctor in order to obtain your DOT medical auditor’s card illegitimately.


You should be aware that whether you pass or fail a DOT physical, the FMCSA receives a record of all medical exam results. The FMCSA may decide to look into your situation if you see numerous doctors achieve a passing grade.

What can happen if you lie on the DOT physical?

Being caught lying during your DOT physical might result in penalties and other consequences. Not to mention that if you lie to obtain your DOT medical examiner’s card being aware that you have a condition that makes it risky for you to handle a semi-truck, you may be endangering your life as well as the lives of other motorists on the road.

You must be completely truthful about your medical background and in your responses to all of the questions.


Reasons for failing the DOT physical exam?

A certified medical examiner (CME) has several different grounds for rejecting a trucker’s DOT physical. People can fail DOT physicals for a variety of reasons, including having high blood pressure, seizures, narcolepsy, sleep disturbances, asthma, cardiovascular disease, bad eyesight, losing an extremity, drinking problems, and using drugs (even while doing so under a doctor’s supervision).

For drivers who, for instance, are missing an extremity but may nonetheless safely operate a commercial motor vehicle, the FMCSA offers exceptions. These variations, like medical examiner’s cards, must be maintained up to date.


Is health insurance required to have a DOT physical examination?


No, a DOT physical examination is not required to be covered by health insurance. On the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners, the FMCSA maintains a list of certified medical examiners that you may locate online. Simply schedule a DOT physical exam with one of the physicians on the register. If your trucking firm doesn’t pay the expenses, you’ll probably have to pay yourself.

How to Pass Your Future DOT Exam

Here are some helpful hints to help you pass the DOT physical exam at your future appointments if you recently took it and failed:

You must first examine the reasons behind your original exam failure. Are there any things you can do to fix the issue? If so, start working to do so. If you failed due to high blood pressure, consider working out and altering your diet to enhance your scores.

Consult with your doctor if they offer any advice on how to pass the examination. Getting a second evaluation from another doctor can’t hurt. You will be one step closer to achieving your goals if you are clear on what must change and how to achieve it.


If the cause you failed the exam was something you couldn’t alter, you could be given a second chance. As long as the issue is demonstrated to not prevent you from driving a vehicle, it permits certain drivers to operate a commercial motor vehicle even if they have a health issue that would lead them to fail the DOT exam.