Everything you need to know about CDL Suspensions and Disqualifications

CDL Suspensions and Disqualifications

Everything you need to know about CDL Suspensions and Disqualifications


CDL suspensions and disqualifications are the most stressful things that may occur to truck drivers throughout their employment. It might financially strain you and your home and prevent you from advancing in your profession. The same holds true for ambitious new drivers. Your desire to drive a truck may have to wait if you have been guilty of CDL-disqualifying acts.


Every professional driver’s first objective should be to prevent a CDL suspension or disqualification completely or to get their license restored. It is crucial for CDL holders to know exactly what disqualifies you from having a CDL, which offenses disqualify you from acquiring a CDL, and what to do in the case that you have been engaged in a CDL disqualifying incident in order to best prevent CDL suspensions and disqualifications. You will then be aware of how to prevent CDL suspensions and disqualifications and how to proceed in order to get your CDL reinstated.


What are the differences Between CDL Suspensions and Disqualifications?


A CDL may be suspended for some traffic infractions and other offenses while being disqualified for others. If a driver is disqualified, they can still operate a regular vehicle but not a commercial one (CMV). When a driver is suspended, he can not operate any sort of vehicle.

Although the terms are frequently used similarly, they are not the same. Although some breaches may result in both, depending on state rules. For example, convictions for DWI may result in both a suspension and a disqualification.


What offenses may result in CDL disqualification?


Speeding excessively (15+ mph above the posted limit)

Improper lane switching

Driving too close to other cars

A driving violation leading to a deadly accident

Driving a CMV without a CDL or while not in possession of a CDL

Driving a CMV without the required CDL class or endorsements


What offenses may result in CDL suspension?


Reckless driving

Being intoxicated

Refusing breathalyzer test

Driving a CMV with a CDL that is suspended or revoked

Running away from the site of a CMV accident

Using a vehicle to commit a felony

Having too many points added to your driving record too quickly


How to avoid CDL Suspensions and Disqualifications?


Avoiding a conviction for the numerous traffic offenses and other infractions that might result in the issue is the best method to avoid CDL Suspensions and Disqualifications. CDL holders should make every attempt to dispute or plead down any charges for traffic offenses or other offenses that might affect the status of their license. The most effective approach to accomplish that is to hire a skilled CDL lawyer. An attorney can assess the charges and create a plan that has the highest possibility of avoiding conviction and keeping points off the license.


What to do in case of CDL Suspensions and Disqualifications?


Licenses with restrictions for commercial drivers


A conditional license can be available to someone whose CDL was suspended due to drug- or alcohol-related charges. This can be used to travel to and from places that have already been approved but not to operate a commercial vehicle. Drivers who have been convicted of an alcohol-related crime within the previous five years are ineligible.

A restricted license could be issued to those whose CDL was suspended due to any other cause. Only individuals who have never had their license suspended before are eligible for this. Additionally, if there are steps a driver may take to have the suspension lifted, they cannot be granted a restricted license (e.g. paying a past-due traffic ticket). Depending on the facts of the case, the judge will decide whether or not the restriction will permit the driver to handle a CMV.


Appealing CDL Suspensions and Disqualifications


A CDL that has been suspended or disqualified may be appealed in the court where the traffic infraction took place. CDL holders should speak with a traffic ticket lawyer who has expertise in representing commercial drivers. A knowledgeable lawyer may assess the case’s facts and create a plan to assist in getting one’s CDL reinstated.