Can a truck driver have passengers in the truck?

passengers in the truck

Can a truck driver have passengers in the truck?


One of the most important but lonely professions in the world is being a truck driver. Long hours and longer trips mean spending a lot of time alone in your vehicle while trying to entertain yourself. There is just so much you can do while driving, such as listening to the radio or trying out various cooking methods. Can a truck driver have passengers in the truck is a subject that many truckers have thought about.


States and companies have different rules and laws regarding passengers in the truck


The United States Department of Transportation states that in order to bring someone along with you while working, you must obtain written permission from your company. Although there aren’t any regulations specifically prohibiting it, you need authorization before letting someone ride in your cab.


As you may already be aware, different companies take a different view on this. One company could grant your request, while the next might deny it. Passengers in the truck must also submit paperwork with personal data, undergo a background check, and list the important dates for the activity and the duration of their travel with the driver. You should check with a company’s transport regulations or contact your manager to find out in advance what you’ll need to do to obtain that authorization slip.

A company could permit passengers to ride with its drivers, but it will probably be stricter with beginner drivers. Given that you haven’t proven yourself to the company and that they don’t want you to be negligent or risk others on the road, this is very logical. Even at a firm that does let passengers in the truck, it could take some time before you receive permission.


Picking up someone mid-gig is frowned upon, if not downright prohibited


All of us have watched films when a truck driver helps a hitchhiker and takes them along on their trip. Surprisingly, a lot of individuals have really done this before. However, even without the potential for legal or business issues, the majority of truckers nowadays are wise enough to avoid taking a chance in this circumstance.


As previously stated, the DOT demands written consent from passengers in the truck before they may ride with a driver. This should obviously apply to everyone who joins you in the vehicle, even if they join mid-job. Even if you know the individual you meet along the route, you won’t always be able to receive that permission real quickly.

Due to the various safety concerns associated with taking a stranger along for a trip, getting permission is much less likely if you don’t know the other person. Hopefully, you don’t need to be reminded that it’s not a good idea to approach this situation with the mentality that “what they don’t know won’t damage them.” Allowing a stranger to ride with you comes with risks, including the chance to lose your job if you’re caught.

This is particularly true if nobody is aware that someone joined you. Simply refrain from doing it for everyone’s safety.


Pets are a different matter

While it’s not ideal having passengers in the truck, animals are another matter. There are no DOT guidelines on bringing pets to your vehicle.  Many employers also let you have a pet, but you should be aware that they can have their own rules on how many and what kind of pets you can keep.


In general, having a pet as a friend at work is preferable to having a human. Having an animal companion might make lengthy work seem a little shorter, provided you can properly care for your animal and have the necessary clearance from the employer.