6 Best apps for truck drivers

apps for truck drivers

Best apps for truck drivers

For truck drivers, life on the road may be challenging. Fortunately, there are apps for truck drivers created to help your professional truck driving job. It might be difficult to identify the finest apps for truck drivers because of the large number of available options.

Although the majority of truckers don’t have the time to browse through pages, we tried to help a little by offering a list of the top apps for truck drivers. You will have enough information to make a wise choice if you simply take a closer look at the following list.


List of the best apps for truck drivers

The technology that today’s truck drivers use proves that life on the road is far from traditional. On lengthy rides, truck drivers use practical, apps for truck drivers to help them obtain crucial information and do necessary duties. The best apps for truck drivers are listed below for the modern truck driver.


Trucker Path App

Trucker Path GPS and Maps could be a wonderful option to mention if you want to install an app for truck drivers with millions of users. One of the most well-liked applications for truck drivers, it offers a variety of essential functions that make life on the road fantastic.

Along with a GPS for route-finding, the app also contains tools for truck stops, weigh stations, and parking availability. Additionally, you can profit from It has everything you require for a productive truck drive.


Drivewyze App

How about avoiding weigh stations to save time? Drivewyze is a multifunctional program created especially for Android and iOS gadgets. It effectively locates nearby weigh stations and notifies the truckers when they are two miles away. You can save both money and time by doing this.

The best trucker app alerts users whether there are mobile inspection sites along the route in addition to weigh stations. The app will alert you to detour or pull in when your vehicle is one mile distant. Don’t sweat; more than 35 state law enforcement organizations have approved this app.

A 30-day free trial is available for Drivewyze. Participate in the simple registration to see how it might improve your driving. Subscribe to keep using this app if you find it beneficial for saving time and money. Otherwise, the trial won’t automatically renew.


iExit App

The highway exit tool, or iExit, was created especially for professional truckers. With the iExit app, drivers may discover useful details about future exits, such as which ones are best for trucks and which ones to avoid.

Additionally, the app provides information on diesel costs, dealer locations, repair facilities, and more. All of this information is conveniently located at the exit, making it easy for drivers to identify the optimal route.


TransParking App

One of the top free apps for truck drivers for locating the closest truck parking spots is called TransParking. It displays open truck parking spaces along the route and gives users the option to report occupancy so that other drivers can utilize it. You will also have access to the restrooms, showers, and Wi-Fi at the sites.

This trucker app has a sizable user base that contributes often to the app’s database updates. Users may review, comment on, and exchange information on new parking lots.

Additionally, TransParking offers services like parking space discovery depending on your needs. This app can help you find your preferred restaurants or a truck stop with the necessary gas station. Join the enormous truck driver community and engage with others.


TruckChat App

You might wish to send anonymous messages to other truck drivers. Installing TruckChat on your mobile can be the best choice. It enables you to write and read messages on the route in an anonymous method so you may consult about any issues, such as freight or parking availability.

This trucker software is really easy to use. Once it is loaded on your phone, you won’t need to log in or sign up with your email address to connect with other users. You are now able to publish, read, and interact with other drivers’ messages. The best aspect is that there is no cost at all.


Highway Weather App

The weather can cause problems for your trip. One of the top trucker applications, Highway Weather provides you with all the weather prediction information you need to properly prepare for your trip. The planning of a lengthy trip will be simpler once you are aware of the forecasts.

A simple display will be used to provide all the information. Thanks to a user-friendly UI that has been optimized. Highway Weather has a ton of features, all of which are free. You may plan a journey of any duration using this app, among others.

Along with allowing you to add rest locations, it also sends out poor weather alerts and forecasts for the entire world. No matter where you’re going, you can get weather forecasts from this app. And if you’re unsure of when to go, it will provide suggestions.