Advice for Truck Driving During the Holidays

Advice for Truck Driving During the Holidays

Advice for Truck Driving During the Holidays

We at Tesla Cargo Solutions would like to thank all truckers, their families, and everyone else who helps keep our nation moving and keeps driving during the holidays great holiday season. Truck drivers are working hard right now because holiday shipments are being sent to retailers all throughout the country.

Most truckers find it very hard or impossible to come back home for the holidays as a result of the significant demand for delivery.

So we made this article with advice and tips for truck driving during the holidays.


Check the vacation policy of your company

It may be good to review your company’s policy for taking time off driving during the holidays if you choose to travel home and enjoy time with loved ones. Depending on the organization you work for as a driver, you might be able to pick one holiday for hometime but have to work the other ones.

When certain holidays, like Christmas, come around, some businesses could offer their drivers the day off. But many don’t provide their drivers any extra consideration so that they can go home for the holidays. But if you are aware of the regulations, it will be easier for you to handle expectations and better prepare yourself to organize holiday activities with family and friends.


You should submit your time off request as soon as you can

Make sure to seek time off driving during the holidays as soon as is practicable if returning home for the holidays is crucial to you and your family so that you have the best chance of getting your request accepted. Be careful to speak with your responsible person as well because every business handles requests for holiday time off differently.


Use technology to stay connected

Using mobile phones, computers, and other digital devices in combination with internet access can enable you to keep connected if you are driving during the holidays and can’t be with your family but still want to take part in their special events.

You can use a range of apps like Facetime, Zoom, Skype, and similar ones by connecting your gadgets to a wireless internet service.

These apps often require Wi-Fi access or specialized data plans from your mobile provider. Luckily, truckers may use Wi-Fi at the main truck stop chains, several state welcome centers, and other places.


Holiday Food

If you want a classic Christmas dinner but can’t make it home or decide to keep driving during the holidays, the majority of the larger truck stop restaurant businesses provide special holiday feasts. You’re likely to see these commercials in the weeks before the holidays.

You may still have a hearty Christmas dinner while traveling with a little preparation. Remember that some restaurants require reservations for meals, so it’s a good idea to confirm if you need to do so if you have a certain destination in mind for the holidays.


Celebrate with other drivers

Those who can’t come home, decide to keep driving during the holidays, or don’t have a family to celebrate it with can join other drivers in cheer in truck stop driver’s lounges or even buy handy gifts for their traveling colleagues.

Driving during the holidays can be a pleasant experience that helps drivers deal with emotions of loneliness because of the companionship and connection that come with the common experience of being on the road and working hard together.


Spruce up your truck

Decorating the inside and/or outside of your truck is one way many truckers participate in the holiday season and display the holiday spirit. You’ve probably seen truckers with their trucks decorated with wreaths, Christmas lights, and other holiday elements.

Just bear in mind that any decorations you put on the outside of your truck must be installed safely and must not contravene any safety regulations. A tiny tree, fragrant cones, and other decorative objects put in your sleeper berth might help you maintain your connection to common Christmas traditions and emotions.